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Level Lawns is the industry leader in fescue establishment. Fall is the best time to enhance your lawn with our deep core Aeration and Overseeding service! Each Aeration and Overseeding comes with an application of our Starter Fertilizer with Root Enhancer technology.
  1. Our Aerate and Overseed crews are seasoned professionals. The crew chiefs all have a minimum of four years' experience.
  2. Our aeration equipment is state-of-the-art and produces a deep core aeration for root establishment and development.
  3. We use one of the highest rated, Blue Tag Certified, NTEP seeds!
  4. Level Lawns has been Aerating and Overseeding lawns since 1996.

Blue Tag certified Winning Colors tall type fescue seed:
  1. Aggressive establishment characteristics
  2. Ability to spread to fill in bare areas
  3. Dark green color
  4. Very good disease resistance
  5. Blue Tag
  6. Excellent drought and heat tolerance
Blue Tag Certified
That's right, the little "Certified Blue Tag" is your only guarantee that the seed in the bag is the variety/varieties specified and that it is top-quality. Without the tag, you could be buying floor sweepings - or worse!

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Single Pass
Core Aeration
Overseeding w/Defiance XRE
or ProMate TriPower Premium Tall Fescue Seed
18-24-12 Starter Fertilizer
with Root Enhancer

Single Pass Core Aeration

Double Pass Core Aeration

Cross Directional Core Aeration

Optional Services

Lime helps with the pH balance of your soil.
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Calcium Sulfate
Calcium Sulfate is a soil softener.
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Ironite will turn your existing grass green.
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Triple Play
Combine all three for our triple play savings.
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