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core aeration

Core Aeration is where small holes are mechanically punched into your lawn removing these 3 inch long cores. This provides space to reduce soil compaction and provide room for oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil.


Core Aeration plus a distribution of blue tag certified Winning Colors fescue seed. Winning Colors has an extremely high germination rate, low inert matter, and almost non-existant weed content. In Georgia, it is critical to use this blend in what is called a transition zone. Extremely hot temperatures can seriously damage a Fescue (cool season turf) lawn. This blend of Oregon’s number one seeds are chosen for heat and drought tolerance in addition to their thin blade and longevity characteristics.


Core Aeration plus an even distribution of scientifically engineered, organic/bio compost applied to your lawn at an even rate. Afterwards it is mechanically worked into the aeration holes amending the soil and providing easier access to the nutrition within the compost for your lawn’s roots. This is then followed by a synthetic fertilizer on top making your lawn thrive all year long.


Core Aeration and Overseed with a top dressing finish and a second top layer of seed over the top dressing. This is our full spectrum premium treatment to bring your fescue lawn to a 10/10!


Bolster: Fix the thin areas of your lawn with bolster! Derived from sea kelp this product helps stimulate the roots and sunlight uptake helping those high traffic and shaded areas come back!

Triple Option: Lime, Calcium sulfate, and iron. The 3 most important applications post aeration for Southern lawns.

Other add ons include: Starter Fertilizer, Carbon Enhancer, and Fungicide.

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